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Flow Yoga Bundles

Flow Yoga Bundles

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Our new Yoga Class Bundles offer you an easier way to add yoga practice a weekly routine. Avoid unnecessary money exchange by purchasing our 3 or 5 times Yoga Bundle that consists of 3 or 5 SaagaMaria weekly yoga classes all paid at once. The bundle is valid for 2 months after the purchase. By buying a bundle you also save some money with a discount given to yoginis paying for several classes at once.

It is nice and easy. Once you have purchased the package all you need to do, is to book a spot on the class via our easy to use booking system or by contacting us directly, then just arrive and enjoy the yoga flow without worrying about payments. 

To all customers purchasing the Yoga Bundle, we offer an option to add a private yoga class to the set with a reduced price. So if you want to elevate your practice and personalise your experience, we recommend this prvate class tailored just for you. 

Our Bundle customers get -20% discount from the normal private class price. 

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