Local Production - Made in Finland

SaagaMaria brand aims to connect local small businesses around the founder, Saaga Lamusuo´s hometown in Finland. The idea of employing the local community serves the socially sustainable aspects of the business. The core idea is to make each and every step in the production chain with love, passion and professionalism. And the best way to do so is to let everyone do the things they do the best and that they enjoy the most.

Saaga realised early on that her passion was in the design and concept creation. That is how the story of our brand started as she found local businesses to do the parts they did the best. And here we are, sharing our passion for fashion, design and sustainability.

Gruppo Carinos - Production

Gruppo Carinos helps our designs to come alive. They are located in the hometown of SaagaMaria brand. In the lake lands of Finland.They sew our products with care and passion.

Gruppo Varinos Ay is a company run by two hardworking women. Anu Hakkarainen has been an entrepreneur in the clothing industry since 1996. The manufactured products have been diverse and the order quantities range from one to hundreds of pieces. After years full of change, Anu and Jonna are working alone, but even more efficiently.

Jonna has been in the industry for 15 years, in various roles, e.g. as a seamstress in industry and as a pattern maker and works as an entrepreneur now. Jonna has been a great help when creating SaagaMaria´s collections and unique evening wear. She has digiralised and modified allour patterns with her professionalism.

They are able to offer customers a comprehensive service, from planning to sewing. The machine base is extensive, 17 different machines, some of which are more than one (e.g. there are more locking pins, underlays and safety pins), and they have one of the few taping machines found in Finland.

Jessica Huhtinen - Pattern Maker

Jessica Huhtinen is a professional tailor and pattern enthusiast. She has always loved sewing and creating clothes that fit perfectly. She taught herself how to grade patterns to different sizes during school, and enjoy learning new techniques and skills. She finds it very rewarding to see her ideas come to life in the final garment.

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Brandwear - Printing

The colors use at SaagaMaria´s collections are biodegradable, meaning that microorganisms can break down the material. Renewable natural resources are used as raw materials. The color meets the Oeko-Tex® standard 100, class 1 requirements.

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Brandwear specializes in high-quality brand textiles. They have over 45 years of experience in the textile printing industry.
There are many different options for textile printing and they always aim to use them to get the best end result. Chosen textiles and clothes come from responsible producers and manufacturers chosen for the purpose, they use years of experience and cooperation.

Their printing stores are located in Kuopio and Turku in Finland.